Church History

A new missionary Baptist Church was organized at FairView School house in Newton County, Missouri on March 24, 1907. The church was to be designated the Fair-View Missionary Baptist Church. October 4, 1907, a report of messengers from Spring River Association Stating the Fair View Missionary Baptist Church was admitted into the association. July 4, 1909, the church voted to purchase the land located at 44th Joplin Street, Joplin. A building was purchased for the Second Baptist Church of Joplin and was moved to the new location by horses and moving wagons.

February 12, 1950, a business meeting was called for the purpose of building a new church. The committee expressed the Church's need for additonal room. With a blance of $100 in the general fund they began planning to build. A collection box replicating the old church building was used to collect funds. On July 20, 1950, the Building Committee recommended that they begin work immediately on a basement measuring 50' x 70' to join the old building on the west end of the property.

February 27, 1957, the church voted to begin construction of the building on March 4, 1957. Construction of the new building was set over the basement, the second floor being classrooms; the main floor held the sanctuary and class rooms and the basement was converted into the fellowship hall. The old building was torn down with the completion of the new building.

August 2002, a project committee was formed to investigate the cost of repairs to the structure. After studies were made, it was found that it would cost more to do the repairs than to build a new building. The project committee determined a structure measuring 75' x 120' could be built on the property without having to remove the old building first. July 7, 2003, a presentation was made to the church recommending a fund be set aside with the goal to build being reached by year 2005. It was estimated the cost of the building to be $300,000. Vote by ballot for moving forward with plans to build was conducted. All 49 ballots were "yes." 2004, committee began search for volunteer building crews.

December 2004, 8 members of East Alabama Carpenters for Christ visited to talk of coming in June 2005. January 2005, received word that Carpenters for Christ (an all men crew of 70) would come in June for one week. Along with the team and volunteers of our members, the exterior, interior frame work and roof was competed in one week. Another group of volunteer buliders from Parkside Baptist Church, Dennison, Texas, and Cedar Hill Baptist Church from Cedar Hill, Texas, came together for the purpose of working on the new structure and to help with Vacation Bible School. Also volunteering to help build the church were 5 men from Crane Baptist Church.

In the summer of 2005, Evelyn Cox refinished an old pulpit found in an upstairs room of the old church and the ladies of the church refinished the pews, communion table and two stage chairs that are now in the sanctuary. The building project was completed and the first service was held on Christmas Day 2005.

From the beginning, God has blessed and built this church. Without Him none of this would have been possible.

A quote found in the history file: "The Church has stood through the years as a Baptist witness in the community and has sought to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."